Time to Rally around Trump

Trump May Not Be Perfect, But He’s Our Best Bet

          Who would have guessed when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States last June that he would become the Republican nominee!  With such an outstanding and diverse group of candidates, Trump was not necessarily my first choice, but there has never been any question that I would support him and vote for him if he became our nominee.  So why are some of the academic conservatives like Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry vowing to never support him?  And how about establishment stalwarts like the Bush presidents?  Are they serious?  Would they really rather have a liberal appointing the next Supreme Court Justice?

          If an outstanding candidate like Mitt Romney could not defeat a failed president in the 2012 election, it would have been a long shot that any of the conventional Republican candidates could win the presidency in 2016.  But Donald Trump is a different story altogether.  He is a phenomenon, a fresh new voice speaking for so many of us who are frustrated and angry about the direction our country has taken, particularly in the last eight years since socialism and moral depravity have wormed their way into all levels of government.  Trump has the potential to bring in voters who have not participated in an election in years, along with Kennedy Democrats and even disappointed, if confused, Bernie Sanders supporters.  With Trump, Republicans have a real chance to revitalize our party, make it ‘more inclusive’ and to win a general election once again.

          It’s time for the doubters to face the fact that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.  Any attempt to deny him the role that he has clearly earned would be a disaster for the party.  And rather than even considering running another Republican as a third party candidate, we should instead be actively encouraging Bernie Sanders to run as the independent he claims to be.  So, everyone who loves this country must now come together and rally around Donald Trump.  No matter what his flaws, Trump is infinitely better than any candidate the Democratic Party would nominate.  It’s time for all good Americans to get on board.  Oh, and Donald, this would be a perfect time to start proving that your detractors are wrong!        


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