Fake Outrage

Anti-Trump Bolsheviks Have Overplayed Their Fake Outrage

          Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, left wing America-haters are being tuned out by those of us who love America and support President Donald Trump’s vision for ‘Making America Great Again’.  Their fake outrage has become so transparent that the news outlets that cover them are largely being ignored.  The egregious hyperbole of the Bolsheviks trying to overthrow the United States of America would be laughable if it wasn’t so despicable.  Take for example how socialist senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and clown senator Al Franken of Minnesota have both called Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, ‘dangerous’.  Really!  With all the truly dangerous folks in the world, Betsy DeVos is dangerous?  I guess that’s easier than explaining the real reason you don’t like her.  You Bolsheviks hate anyone who might interfere with the network of socialist madrassas that you have set up throughout our nation, otherwise known as the public school system.  Betsy DeVos should be immediately approved by the United States Senate.  



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