Hell to You Our Alma Mater

Stop Contributing to Your Liberal Alma Mater        

          There’s something sacrosanct about the schools we attended, whether it be grammar school, high school, college or professional school.  The memories of good friends, fun activities, great teachers and graduation day stay with us throughout our lives and compel us to return periodically for reunions.  Over the years I have attended and enjoyed many of these gatherings and have nurtured lasting relationships with many of my classmates.  The affordable education I received back then has made a tremendous difference in my life…not just to my career, but to me personally and to my appreciation of the incredible world we live in.  Unfortunately, the college I attended has, like so many others, become a bastion of liberal indoctrination, basically a continuation of the brainwashing that takes place in today’s public schools.

Instead Send Your Contribution to Campus Conservative Groups

          While I still maintain my active membership status in the alumni association, I stopped sending my annual contribution several years ago.  Instead, each year I send what I would have sent to my alma mater to one of the excellent organizations listed below that promote conservative principles on campus, basic principles like free speech and the many other singularly American ideals embodied in our constitution.  In this way, I feel that I am still contributing to my college and that my money is going to help make it better.  I must admit, it does give me some satisfaction to let the college administrators know that I am sending the money they would otherwise have received to a conservative student group on their campus.  I also let them know that I will not be remembering them in my estate plans unless they make some major changes.

Don’t ‘Be True to Your School’

          The surfer song, ‘Be True to Your School’ might have been relevant in 1963 when it was released by the Beach Boys, but we should feel no obligation to financially support the schools we attended if they are now promoting socialism and hate for our great country.  Instead, join me in supporting some of the excellent conservative organizations on both high school and college campuses.  There are thousands of conservative students throughout the country just waiting for someone to give them a little encouragement and nothing says ‘I’ve got your back’ like a little financial support.  So, why not be the first to charter a chapter of one of the outstanding conservative campus organizations at your old alma mater.

Conservative Campus Organizations Worthy of Our Support

Young America’s Foundation

Young Americans for Freedom

Campus Reform

College Republicans


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