Election Is Trump’s to Lose

2016 Presidential Election Is Trump’s to Lose

          The Democratic Party is fractured and out of touch with ordinary citizens, their nominee is reviled by Republicans and Democrats alike and the electorate is hungry for change.  This gives the Republicans a good chance of winning back the White House in the upcoming election.  Just four years ago when Barack Obama was re-elected after his failed first term, I didn’t think the Republicans would ever have another chance.  I went through the six stages of grief after coming to the conclusion that we were slowly, but inevitably losing our country.  But then a dynamic, attractive and eminently qualified candidate stepped up who spoke for the majority of Americans.  The meteoric rise of Donald Trump over the past year gave hope to all those who love this once great country…hope that we could ‘make America great again’.

Trump Will Need to Make Some Changes 

          For Donald Trump to win in November, however, he has some serious work to do.  First, he will have to change his tone to a more conciliatory one and refrain from posting his every thought on Twitter.  Next, he will have to humble himself and seek support from some folks he may not care for.  Finally, he will need to hone his skills in international affairs to prove his street creds and allay the concerns of those who doubt his ability to be an effective international leader.  This is asking a lot of a man who is not given to doing things any other way but his way.  If Donald Trump really wants to be president he will get to work on these assignments right away, but whether he does or not, he has my vote.



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