Surprise! Surprise! Daniel Ellsberg Joins Occupy Wall Street

Still Down On America

          It should come as no surprise that Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers infamy has been seen with the campers at the UC Berkeley OWS protests.  He now joins ‘Nixon hater’ John Dean and the big union bosses in supporting this group of socialists, druggies and other assorted losers.  A Harvard graduate (also no surprise), Ellsberg leaked top secret military information to the press in 1969 at a time when brave men and women were in harm’s way serving their country in Vietnam.  He was later tried for espionage. 

Old Wasted Socialists 

          By descending into the bowels of the OWS movement Ellsberg has once again leaked secret information…information that the puppeteers behind the occupiers don’t want us to know.  That secret is that OWS really stands for Old Wasted Socialists, not Occupy Wall Street!  Anyone who has visited the protesters, as we did during the first weeks of the movement, has known this all along.  Thanks to the growing number of aging, left wing has-beens who have joined their ranks, the world now knows.  We also know that these unfortunate individuals are actually the 1% rather then the 99% they claim to be!  Gosh, I bet Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are sorry they threw their hats in with these folks!