Word of the Week: promulgate



Promulgate means:

          -To promote or make widely known, such as an idea or cause.

          -To announce or officially declare.

          -To put a law or decree into effect by official proclamation.

Etymology (word origin):

It comes from the Latin promulgat meaning ‘exposed to public view’, from the verb promulgare, from pro meaning ‘out or publically’ and mulgere meaning ‘cause to come forth’ or literally ‘to milk’.  Possibly related to the Latin provulgare meaning ‘to publicize’, from pro and vulgare meaning ‘to make common’ from vulgus meaning ‘the common people’.

Pronunciation:  prom-ulgate


          1)    The mayor promulgated a resolution recognizing the contributions of his successor.

          2)    The declaration promulgated by the president was designed to support his own agenda.