Of Perverts and Prostitutes

Perverts and Prostitutes

          It seems that women are coming out of the woodwork these days accusing men of sexual harassment or abuse.  Even poor old wheelchair-bound President George H.W. Bush is not immune.  Men who actually do commit these acts are disgusting, criminal perverts.  But if a woman is a victim of such an act and remains quiet about it so that she can advance her career in Hollywood or in Washington, in a sense she is being compensated for her trouble.  Isn’t that the very definition of a prostitute?  Getting paid when a man has his way you?  I don’t know.  Just asking.  It seems to me that in some of these cases it’s a little late to be complaining.  If you are a victim of abuse or harassment you should report it immediately! 


Why Is There So Much Violence in Our Country?

Guns Are Not the Cause of the Increase in Violence

          We are all asking the same question after the horrific mass murder that took place in Las Vegas last week.  Why have there been so many violent incidents in our country in recent years?  It can’t be the availability of guns.  The Second Amendment has been around since the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791 ensuring ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms’.  In all the years since, we never had a problem like this.  So what then has changed in recent years that has led to this tragic turn of events?

The Liberal Agenda Has Led to the Increase in Violence

          The answer is as plain as the nose on the Democrat donkey’s face.  The very ones who are so quick to blame guns for the increase in violence are themselves to blame.  It is the social changes instigated by the leftists that have unleashed the evil that has always existed in some people, allowing it to express itself.  If there were no guns in the United States, these evil creatures would instead use knives, bombs and vehicles as they do in countries where guns are outlawed.

The Reasons for the Increase in Violence

          The reasons for the increase in violence constitute a veritable list of liberal talking points!

-The war on faith and Christianity, in particular, disconnecting people from a higher power and removing meaningfulness from their lives

-The devaluation of life as evidenced by the normalization of killing babies

-The systematic dissolution of the family unit brought on by the sexual revolution and the mockery made of marriage by the inexplicably powerful LGBT political lobby 

-The normalization of drug use, most notably by the legalization of marijuana

-The generations of fragile, self-centered narcissists cultivated by inadequate parents and teachers


Help us add to this list by making a comment.  In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives in the tragic Las Vegas rampage and with the friends and family members who grieve for them. 


Temper Tantrums of Children

Left Wing Temper Tantrums

          It doesn’t look like the childish temper tantrums of the left-wing America haters are going to abate any time soon.  Like naughty children who don’t get their way, they are yelling, crying, hitting, throwing and spitting to show their displeasure at American becoming great again.  Perhaps the most egregious example of their idiocy is the tearing down of historic monuments.

Millennial Snowflakes

          It is the Millennials in particular, the ones who always got a participation trophy and never learned how to lose graciously, who are now going off the rails.  The liberal teachers who indoctrinated them from K through 12 ensured that they would become good little socialists and now their communist college professors are coddling them with hot cocoa, safe spaces and special counseling whenever an American speaker dares to visit their campus.

Trump Train Gaining Momentum 

          Clearly, their pathetic arguments can’t hold up to the conservatives who challenge them, so their only recourse is to throw a temper tantrum.  And their antics keep getting worse as they see the rest of the country moving on without them.  Keep it up, Snowflakes!  The more the rest of us see this display of hatred for our wonderful country, the more folks are joining the Trump Train!

Stop the Transgender Bandwagon

Ben Shapiro Easily Refutes the Transgender Hoax

Hell to You Our Alma Mater

Stop Contributing to Your Liberal Alma Mater        

          There’s something sacrosanct about the schools we attended, whether it be grammar school, high school, college or professional school.  The memories of good friends, fun activities, great teachers and graduation day stay with us throughout our lives and compel us to return periodically for reunions.  Over the years I have attended and enjoyed many of these gatherings and have nurtured lasting relationships with many of my classmates.  The affordable education I received back then has made a tremendous difference in my life…not just to my career, but to me personally and to my appreciation of the incredible world we live in.  Unfortunately, the college I attended has, like so many others, become a bastion of liberal indoctrination, basically a continuation of the brainwashing that takes place in today’s public schools.

Instead Send Your Contribution to Campus Conservative Groups

          While I still maintain my active membership status in the alumni association, I stopped sending my annual contribution several years ago.  Instead, each year I send what I would have sent to my alma mater to one of the excellent organizations listed below that promote conservative principles on campus, basic principles like free speech and the many other singularly American ideals embodied in our constitution.  In this way, I feel that I am still contributing to my college and that my money is going to help make it better.  I must admit, it does give me some satisfaction to let the college administrators know that I am sending the money they would otherwise have received to a conservative student group on their campus.  I also let them know that I will not be remembering them in my estate plans unless they make some major changes.

Don’t ‘Be True to Your School’

          The surfer song, ‘Be True to Your School’ might have been relevant in 1963 when it was released by the Beach Boys, but we should feel no obligation to financially support the schools we attended if they are now promoting socialism and hate for our great country.  Instead, join me in supporting some of the excellent conservative organizations on both high school and college campuses.  There are thousands of conservative students throughout the country just waiting for someone to give them a little encouragement and nothing says ‘I’ve got your back’ like a little financial support.  So, why not be the first to charter a chapter of one of the outstanding conservative campus organizations at your old alma mater.

Conservative Campus Organizations Worthy of Our Support

Young America’s Foundation

Young Americans for Freedom

Campus Reform

College Republicans

Lessons Learned from the Left

The radical left wing liberals in our country have employed nasty tactics which conservative Americans should not be afraid to use in return.

Table Democrat Legislative Proposals:  As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid had the power to determine which legislative proposals were introduced in the Senate.  He sat on nearly every piece of legislation the Republicans suggested, refusing to bring them up for a vote.  Then in the 2014 midterm elections, Harry Reid had to give up his eight year reign when Republicans wrested control of the Senate from the Democrats.  When the new Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, declined to bring Obama’s Supreme Court nominee up for a vote the liberals screamed like banshees.  And this after Democrats in recent years had vowed not to vote on a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year!

Use the Nuclear Option:  When Republicans were not approving Obama’s left wing judges quickly enough, Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate changed the rules, lowering the vote threshold on all judicial nominees from 60 to a simple majority with the exception of Supreme Court Justices.  Mitch McConnell warned them at the time that they would regret it and now is the time for payback.  Almost every Senate Democrat has vowed to vote against Neil Gorsuch, who by all accounts is an outstanding candidate.  From now on the Republicans should never again rubber stamp a Democrat nominee to the Supreme Court.  In the future we must oppose every anti-constitutional candidate nominated by the Democrats.  That, after all, is how we ended up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan!

Clean House:  When a new Republican administration takes control of the White House, they must expeditiously remove all of the officials remaining from the previous administration.  U.S. Attorneys, for example, are political appointees and should be replaced when the White House changes parties.  Hardly a peep was heard from the liberal media when Clinton and Obama replaced them with their own appointees.  But there was a complete melt down when Bush and Trump asked for the resignation of U.S. Attorneys.  With the current leaking and other machinations by remaining Obama appointees in the new Trump Administration, it is imperative that all of them be removed as soon as possible.

Unrelenting Protest Against any New Democrat Administration:  It has become clear that our country is now engaged in a civil war…a war between those who love America and those who hate it.  The disgraceful protests by those on the left against our new president are both astonishing and frightening.  What happened to the traditional ‘honeymoon’ period accorded every other incoming president?  We saw a preview of this when George W. Bush was first elected and the left refused to accept it.  Now we are seeing a much more serious betrayal of our constitution.  The liberal press, the Democrats, the anarchists and other assorted America haters are now conspiring to bring down our duly elected government.  It’s time to take off the gloves and give them some of their own medicine.  The next time a Democrat is elected president, God forbid, we must protest unrelentingly, regardless of their race, sex or any other factor which the PC police might think gives them a pass!