Of Perverts and Prostitutes

Perverts and Prostitutes

          It seems that women are coming out of the woodwork these days accusing men of sexual harassment or abuse.  Even poor old wheelchair-bound President George H.W. Bush is not immune.  Men who actually do commit these acts are disgusting, criminal perverts.  But if a woman is a victim of such an act and remains quiet about it so that she can advance her career in Hollywood or in Washington, in a sense she is being compensated for her trouble.  Isn’t that the very definition of a prostitute?  Getting paid when a man has his way you?  I don’t know.  Just asking.  It seems to me that in some of these cases it’s a little late to be complaining.  If you are a victim of abuse or harassment you should report it immediately! 


Why Is There So Much Violence in Our Country?

Guns Are Not the Cause of the Increase in Violence

          We are all asking the same question after the horrific mass murder that took place in Las Vegas last week.  Why have there been so many violent incidents in our country in recent years?  It can’t be the availability of guns.  The Second Amendment has been around since the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791 ensuring ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms’.  In all the years since, we never had a problem like this.  So what then has changed in recent years that has led to this tragic turn of events?

The Liberal Agenda Has Led to the Increase in Violence

          The answer is as plain as the nose on the Democrat donkey’s face.  The very ones who are so quick to blame guns for the increase in violence are themselves to blame.  It is the social changes instigated by the leftists that have unleashed the evil that has always existed in some people, allowing it to express itself.  If there were no guns in the United States, these evil creatures would instead use knives, bombs and vehicles as they do in countries where guns are outlawed.

The Reasons for the Increase in Violence

          The reasons for the increase in violence constitute a veritable list of liberal talking points!

-The war on faith and Christianity, in particular, disconnecting people from a higher power and removing meaningfulness from their lives

-The devaluation of life as evidenced by the normalization of killing babies

-The systematic dissolution of the family unit brought on by the sexual revolution and the mockery made of marriage by the inexplicably powerful LGBT political lobby 

-The normalization of drug use, most notably by the legalization of marijuana

-The generations of fragile, self-centered narcissists cultivated by inadequate parents and teachers


Help us add to this list by making a comment.  In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives in the tragic Las Vegas rampage and with the friends and family members who grieve for them. 


Stop the Transgender Bandwagon

Ben Shapiro Easily Refutes the Transgender Hoax

The New Regressives

A High School History Lesson

          I remember it like it was yesterday. As a freshman in high school my World History and Geography teacher, Mr. Curtis, described the spectrum of political systems and organizations by drawing a large circle on the black board. On the very top at 12 o’clock he placed democracy with the Democrat Party just to the left at a minute before 12 and the Republican Party just to the right at a minute past 12. As he moved down the circle on the right he went through the various right wing political systems until he got to the Nazis and their National Socialism (fascism) on the very bottom at 6 o’clock. Then he moved down the left side of the circle adding in turn socialism, Marxism and finally communism also at the very bottom. But how could fascism and communism both occupy the same spot at the bottom of the circle, we wondered? Mr. Curtis explained that both the right and the left political extremes invariably ended up as totalitarian regimes and therefore shared the same point on the political spectrum.

It’s Not Your Parents’s Democratic Party Any More!

          Fifty years ago the Democratic Party of President John Kennedy may have clocked in at one minute before 12 on the political spectrum, but the current Democratic Party is hovering around 9 o’clock. Some liberals have slipped so far down the left side of the clock that they are actually embracing the clearly recognizable tenets of fascism. In so doing they have actually become regressives rather than progressives. If you doubt this assertion, consider the following examples of how the Democrats have become diametrically opposed to the guiding principles of a once great party to become the new face of fascism.

Resurrecting Jim Crow and Its System of Segregation: Black students on campuses throughout the country are demanding separate functions and spaces. It should be no surprise that spineless college administrators are caving in. At Harvard, America’s once premier college, black students will have their own segregated graduation separate from white students. Will they soon have separate drinking fountains, too?

Involuntary Castration of the Mentally Disabled: Today, children with the psychiatric condition known as gender dysphoria are being chemically castrated before puberty to suppress the secondary sexual characteristics of their God-given sexual assignment. This devious form of castration is being performed on children who are too young to advocate for themselves. Forced sterilization programs were abolished years ago, although, ironically, the ultra-liberal state of Oregon was still practicing eugenics until the 1980s.

No More Free Speech on College Campuses: Mario Savio, the founder of the 1960s Berkeley Free Speech Movement, would turn over in his grave if he could see what’s happening on college campuses throughout the country today! Only those who parrot the communist tripe fed to them by their depraved America-hating professors are allowed to openly express their views. Any mention of American values will likely incite violent rioting.

Love and Diversity Replaced by Hate and Conformity: Peace, love and diversity were once the mantra of the liberal left, but it has been nothing less than shocking to see the display of hatred for diverse opinions by the left since the election of President Donald Trump.

Blind support for Anti-women Islamic Extremists: We constantly hear the insulting and false epithet ‘The Republican’s War on Women’, yet the leftists in America blindly support a culture that disrespects women in the most vile ways.

Claims of White Privilege Insult all Races: The claim that Caucasians have the advantage of so-called ‘white privilege’ implies that Blacks are inherently inferior. It seems the leftists have been reading Herrnstein and Murray’s ‘The Bell Curve’ and taking it seriously.

Climate Change-Climate Justice: In their futile attempt to keep up with the real science that has debunked their hysteria, regressives have gone from global warming to climate change to climate justice. The once proud progressives are now against all progress in order to stop CO2 emissions and prevent the sky from falling. And the last thing they want is for women in Africa to have the convenience of washing machines and dryers. Now that’s climate justice!

These are but a few examples of the utter hypocrisy of the socialist-fascists who are now trying of overthrow our government.

Talking to Your Children Frightened by Anti-Trump Anarchists

It is Important to Talk to Your Children Frightened by Anti-Trump Anarchists

          Seldom during our nation’s history have we seen such hate and vitriol as that which has erupted from the ‘organized left’ in recent months.  The daily barrage of news reports showing angry, violent mobs rioting in the streets to ‘resist’ the new Trump administration is taking its toll on children throughout the country.  Youngsters are understandably frightened by this unprecedented display of anti-American sentiment.  The liberal mantra to ‘resist’ is of course only a euphemism for their real goal of overthrowing the United States government.  Their tactics are reminiscent of the Bolshevik Revolution that catapulted Russia into a seventy year nightmare and it is no coincidence that 2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of that infamous event.

          It is important to talk to your children about the current situation and to give them an opportunity to express their concerns and fears.  Limiting exposure to television and other electronic means of portraying these unsettling images will go a long way toward alieving their anxieties.  Paying a visit to your child’s school to make sure that teachers are not reinforcing this anti-American nonsense, as they are often wont to do, can also be helpful.  We should actually embrace this as an opportunity to emphasize the great things about America and to explain the many positive plans the new Trump Administration has for our country.  Children will also be reassured when they learn about the many great difficulties our great country has come through in the past, including wars, depressions and even failed administrations like the one that just ended.  Finally, remind your children that those in the military and law enforcement who are sworn to protect us are overwhelmingly in support of the United States of America and its new administration and will never allow these anti-American anarchists to prevail.

Pigeon Toilet in Perm, Russia

Pigeon Toilet in Perm, Russia


Fake Outrage

Anti-Trump Bolsheviks Have Overplayed Their Fake Outrage

          Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, left wing America-haters are being tuned out by those of us who love America and support President Donald Trump’s vision for ‘Making America Great Again’.  Their fake outrage has become so transparent that the news outlets that cover them are largely being ignored.  The egregious hyperbole of the Bolsheviks trying to overthrow the United States of America would be laughable if it wasn’t so despicable.  Take for example how socialist senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and clown senator Al Franken of Minnesota have both called Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, ‘dangerous’.  Really!  With all the truly dangerous folks in the world, Betsy DeVos is dangerous?  I guess that’s easier than explaining the real reason you don’t like her.  You Bolsheviks hate anyone who might interfere with the network of socialist madrassas that you have set up throughout our nation, otherwise known as the public school system.  Betsy DeVos should be immediately approved by the United States Senate.