Biden at the Oscars

Vice President Joe Biden at the Academy Awards Ceremony

          It should come as no surprise that Vice President Joe Biden would be an active participant in the Academy Awards Ceremony this year. After all, the Socialist Party (formerly known as the Democratic Party) owns Hollywood or is it the other way around. It should also come as no surprise that Vice President Biden would have to make an impassioned plea for college ‘kids’ to stop sexually assaulting one another.

          This is exactly the kind of behavior you might expect from children who were encouraged to ‘act transgender’ in kindergarten and taught sex education throughout elementary school by the abortion promoters of Planned Parenthood. And it doesn’t help the moral fabric of our society when the American Academy of Pediatrics (once a respected medical association, now a political action committee) encourages health care providers to prescribe birth control pills and provide condoms to tweens and teens. This only legitimizes sexual promiscuity and misconduct.

          Now that the Supreme Court has legislated that marriage can be between any two or more living creatures, they have essentially put the government’s stamp of approval on this kind of behavior. None of us should be surprised, then, when children subjected to these negative influences grow up to be brats who sexually assault one another when they get to college. All of this reinforces the importance of getting your children out of public schools any way you can and reaffirms the admonition to not waste time and money on college!


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