A Very Disturbing Video from Travis Air Force Base

Travis Air Force Base Uniformed Thugs Forcibly Remove Veteran for Saying the Word, ‘God’!

          This disturbing video should strike fear in the hearts of every American.  A retired Air Force veteran was forcibly thrown out of a retirement ceremony for saying the word, ‘God’, during a flag folding speech.  It is nothing short of alarming to realize that we have come to this point in just a few short years.  The thugs in this video are a disgrace to every man and woman who has served in the armed forces of this great country.  Each one should be severely reprimanded for their actions and every leader in their chain of command, from the Commander of Travis Air Force Base down to the Officer in Charge of the retiree’s unit should be dishonorably discharged from the United States Air Force.  Incredibly, each one has been either promoted or assigned to a position of greater responsibility.  The leadership of our military has been infiltrated and taken over by those who have no respect for its traditions, its purpose or its history.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that this country is in serious condition and that we are in danger of losing it if we don’t stand up to this nonsense.


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