Temper Tantrums of Children

Left Wing Temper Tantrums

          It doesn’t look like the childish temper tantrums of the left-wing America haters are going to abate any time soon.  Like naughty children who don’t get their way, they are yelling, crying, hitting, throwing and spitting to show their displeasure at American becoming great again.  Perhaps the most egregious example of their idiocy is the tearing down of historic monuments.

Millennial Snowflakes

          It is the Millennials in particular, the ones who always got a participation trophy and never learned how to lose graciously, who are now going off the rails.  The liberal teachers who indoctrinated them from K through 12 ensured that they would become good little socialists and now their communist college professors are coddling them with hot cocoa, safe spaces and special counseling whenever an American speaker dares to visit their campus.

Trump Train Gaining Momentum 

          Clearly, their pathetic arguments can’t hold up to the conservatives who challenge them, so their only recourse is to throw a temper tantrum.  And their antics keep getting worse as they see the rest of the country moving on without them.  Keep it up, Snowflakes!  The more the rest of us see this display of hatred for our wonderful country, the more folks are joining the Trump Train!


Schizogenderism Is a Mental Illness

Schizogenderism Is a Mental Illness

Any sane individual would agree that a man who would voluntarily have his genitals mutilated has a serious mental illness. Let’s face it, ‘transgenderism’ is a euphemism created by those who would have us believe that these individuals are normal. Sorry, but you don’t get to name your mental . . . → Read More: Schizogenderism Is a Mental Illness

Stop the Transgender Bandwagon

Ben Shapiro Easily Refutes the Transgender Hoax

The New Regressives

A High School History Lesson

I remember it like it was yesterday. As a freshman in high school my World History and Geography teacher, Mr. Curtis, described the spectrum of political systems and organizations by drawing a large circle on the black board. On the very top at 12 o’clock he placed democracy with . . . → Read More: The New Regressives

Hell to You Our Alma Mater

Stop Contributing to Your Liberal Alma Mater

There’s something sacrosanct about the schools we attended, whether it be grammar school, high school, college or professional school. The memories of good friends, fun activities, great teachers and graduation day stay with us throughout our lives and compel us to return periodically for reunions. Over . . . → Read More: Hell to You Our Alma Mater

Lessons Learned from the Left

The radical left wing liberals in our country have employed nasty tactics which conservative Americans should not be afraid to use in return.

Table Democrat Legislative Proposals: As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid had the power to determine which legislative proposals were introduced in the Senate. He sat on nearly every piece of legislation the . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from the Left